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Tabby Handbags and Accessories are the new modern and cultural handbags of the century. With these new visual works of art and using African fabric to reflect both style and comfort. Tabby handbags are both rich in its ethnicity and its African culture.

Photo of Theresa

Theresa Brunson

From the origins of the Mali ,West Africa and Nigeria, Tabby brings you the authentic African Mudcloth and the Aso-Oke fabrics and fine suede cloths to complete your handbags. I choose to incorporate some ethnicity into my designer hand bags and accessories after doing some extensive research for both African fabrics I really learned about my true culture and its heritage.

I have put extensive thought and time into my designer handbags making the curves and angles of my bags to create my signature U-Shaped designer handbag the true tag name to my bags and there accessories. From the experiences of my early childhood and the extensive education I received from my mother and grandmothers you can assure that I put a special touch to each and every one of my signature Tabby designs. Tabby handbags are a true one-of-a-kind designed personally by me.