Welcome to Tabby Handbags & Accessories

Tabby Handbags & Accessories are the modern and textural functional works of arts that uses mostly African fabrics to reflect my personal style.  The tribal and historical fabrics used in my handbags, pouches, head-bands, head wraps, belts and scarves are inspired by its rich ethnicity of the African culture. 

The authentic African Mudcloth has its origin in Mali, West Africa and the royalty cloth Aso-Oke has its origin in Nigeria, West Africa.  Other fabrics used are quality tapestries and fine ultra suede . There is an ethnic connection that I truly enjoy in designing my bags and accessories.  After researching both African fabrics (Mudcloth and Aso-Oke) I learned of the African roots that were inherent to my heritage.  These fabrics are both cultural and traditional significance that adds exceptionalism to my designs.

Prodigious thought has gone into the design and shape of my bags and accessories, making the curves and angels of the design a “signature” component of the Tabby Handbag design.  The “U” bag is my tag name of my bags and accessories.