Intro & Black Gold Exhibit

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I was delighted to travel to South Carolina, known to many as the Low country, in May. I know my great grandmothers were from the Carolinas, but I am not sure if it was North or South Carolina specifically. I wanted to visit  this part of the country to pay my respects to my ancestors and learn about the beginning of black life in America.

My one week visit to the areas of Charleston were inspiring, knowledgeable and spiritually enlightening.  There were some mystical moments during my visit to Charleston. The expression of art, music and food in the city was amazing. These places, plus the various historical landmarks, demonstrated the rich past of the Charleston that reaches back 400 years. The remnants of the American Revolutionary War, African enslavement and pre/post-Civil War only adds to the enchantment of this southern city.


Day 1- Black Gold Exhibition  

A visit to the African American Fiber Art Exhibition allowed me to explore the textile arts of South Carolina, which included quilts, dolls and wearable fiber arts. Located in North Charleston at City Hall, the African American Fiber Art Exhibition is hosted every year during springtime and houses projects submitted by artists from all over the country. This year, 60 artists from 18 different states contributed to the exhibit. This year’s theme was Black Gold, which I enjoyed! The theme was inspired by the song “Black Gold” by Esperanza Spalding on her 2012 album ‘Radio Music Society.’

Curated by award winning and nationally exhibiting textile fiber artist, Torreah “Cookie” Washington, this unique opportunity offers African American fiber artists to showcase their original and innovative designs executed in a variety of traditional and non-traditional fiber techniques.

Black Gold Exhibit















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