Gullah Geechee Tour

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This Gullah Geechee tour was a cultural awakening. The Gullah people of South Carolina are direct descendants of slaves and have lived on the island for centuries. This was well guided tour by Al Miller, and I enjoyed every minute of the tour.

Mr. Miller gave us a lesson is black history in a Geechee dialect that was humorous and easy to enjoy the spirit and culture of the Gullah people.  Today, Gullah Geechee is used to describe the language, people, traditions and lifeways like food, spiritual customs, occupations and household practices and settlement practices.  It was brought to our attention how the present housing was structure on the acre of land that was given to them their slave owner. There homes were built on the same plot of land for one group of family relatives.  Looking at the landscape of the people, churches and burial ground of “Porgy and Bess”.

Truly enjoyed the massive Angel Oak Tree that was said to be several hundred years old.  It appeared to survive the pains of slavery.

Ending the tour in Charleston viewing the Emmanuel AME Church were the 9 church members were killed on June 14, 2015.  Also, the East Side, Civil War Slave Auction Site, Aiken-Rhen House, City Market, Mission were Obama spoke, Phillip Cummings Memorial, and visiting the grave site of 5 of the Emmanuel AME Church victims.










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    Thanks for sharing your perspective and providing names of specific locations and landmarks. This is helpful for those of us who would to visit.